How to Pay Online

We offer three convenient ways to pay
your dues:
Pay your dues online

Notice on Dues

2021 Basic Monthly Dues are $42.00
Dues Payment cannot be accepted unless you are at least paying through the current month.
If you become delinquent on your dues more than three (3) months, you must pay through the current month and an additional $30.00 reinstatement fee.
Dues can be remitted by mail. Always include your Member Card # on all payments and correspondence. It is your responsibility to maintain a current address with the Local Union Dues Department.

Our mailing address and phone number are:

  • 1475 North Loop West
  • Houston, TX 77008
  • 713-869-8900, ext. 241 or 242

We now accept debit or credit card payments in the Dues Office. You may also pay online or through the LaborPower mobile app.

Set up the IBEW Local Union 716 as a “pay to account” through your “online banking” option with your bank (this may take up to 10 business days). When doing so, they will ask for your account number which is your Member Card # listed on your Dues receipt. Your bank will then mail a check to our office and it will be processed the day it is received. Your Dues receipt will be mailed to you the next business day after receiving your payment.

The Union Fidelity Federal Credit Union is located at 1415 N Loop West, #110. They have a program in which your union dues can be automatically deducted from your Credit Union Account. To establish an account or sign up for this program, please contact their office at 713-869-9053.

It is your responsibility to maintain the current beneficiary on all of the death benefits available to you. The International Office Pension Benefit Fund, Local Union Pension Fund, the 401K plan, and the IBEW – NECA health insurance plan all have beneficiaries which need to be named and updated as changes occur in your life.

If you wish to join the Sick and Accident or Local Union Death Benefit Fund, please contact the Dues Office at 713-869-8900, ext. 241 (Nikki) or ext. 242 (Anna).