Effective immediately,

Business hours are Monday to Friday from 8am to 5 pm.

Please contact our main phone line for assistance at 713-869-8900 and press *0* to reach an assistant.

If you are needing to sign the Out of Work Book, you may do so in person or please email us a copy of your dues receipt and your termination slip to [email protected] We appreciate your patience, understanding and cooperation at this time. Stay safe Brothers & Sisters.

Travelers –If you need to sign the Out-of-Work Book, please bring a Travel Letter & Dues Receipt when you come into the hall or email your Travel Letter & Dues Receipt to [email protected] Please Note: On your Travel Letter, have the Labor Power Information such as D.O.B., SSN, and Email in order for us to add you to our system.


Stephen Gonzales

Business Manager/Financial Secretary